A Ride to the East.

Nicholas Quirke was intending to do some more preparation for the New Year on 9 February 2021 by making a simple dough which, the 29th day of the Lunar calendar demanded be fulfilled but as they did not have the ingredients the need to participate in the days tasks got forgotten and instead his morning was spent exercising, showering, having a massage and making Lentil Soup. Feeling restless and in need of new scenery he decided to cycle to a cafe he had visited at Christmas Time. He had traveled to the tea room previously by subway but he really wanted to make a time lapse video of a cycle ride and as it was a route he had not peddled before biking there was his preferred option. He strapped the Go-Pro to his chest and set off across the city. Whether it was the endorphins he had released with his mornings exercise or just his general state of ‘Joie de Vivre’ but he felt especially exuberant as he pumped the pedals. It was fortunate he was in such a good mood as he realised he had gone south instead of east and added a kilometre to his journey which took him almost an hour to complete. He liked the atmosphere of the cafeteria a lot and its vintage decor appealed to him. He enjoyed watching the 58 minute journey he had taken, shrink to three and half and though the swiftness with which the scenery and sights he passed were a little lost it seemed a perfect way of capturing the experience and he would definitely make some more. There was a small commotion as he was drinking his tea involving some officers. He was not sure what was going on but they were quite noisy and disturbed his equilibrium. He did not have the energy to cycle back and took the subway instead, stopping at Caishikou to visit Starbucks again and collect some their new cakes for Peng. The evenings entertainment was the intriguing, sometimes infuriating ‘Bliss’ but enjoyable nonetheless. All the exertion he had engaged in during the day ensured that he was truly ready to sleep when he finally took to bed.


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