Jade Emperor Pays a Visit

Nicholas Quirke was feeling lucky to be experiencing December the 25th all over again on 6 February 2021. In the lunar Calendar it was Christmas Day all over again but without the gifts. The decorations, the festive mood and the story of The Jade Emperor paying a visit to earth on this date. The Jade Emperor was a particularly appealing deity to Nicholas as he was vegetarian which, in ancient China pretty much meant Vegan and the food associated with the god of all heavens was Tofu. This was going to be a very easy immortal to honour. Peng had ordered more fresh flowers to decorate for New Year and they arrived just before they were due to leave for lunch at Jin. Their departure was delayed to arrange the flora in vases and he had to acknowledge . they looked beautiful. The temperature was 13 degrees and for the first time in months he went out in a lighter coat and without gloves. Spring had truly sprung and indeed, the river located next to the restaurant which, on recent visits had been frozen solid with people were skating on it, was now in the rising temperatures evidently beginning to thaw as Lichun promised. Unlike earlier visits to the restaurant when he’d had to eat salad he could indulge in the full experience of their Vegetarian/Vegan menu. It made for a much more indulgent meal and the ‘Sheng Goa’ was devoured with voracious appetite. As they left Peng purchased a glutinous rice cake in the form of a fish which is associated with New Year celebrations as the word in Mandarin for fish, is very similar to the word for abundance and as wishes for a year full of an overflow of richness and plenty is always desired, the image of the fish is considered lucky. Post the largesse of their meal they retired to a nearby cafe to recover and relax before heading back to the apartment. Nicholas completed his work on the blog and having studied mandarin for 30 minutes felt it was an appropriate time to honour the Jade emperors visit. They made an offering of Tofu, which they ate with the evening movie, The Night, a dark, confusing and disturbing Iranian horror offering. He felt unnerved by its frustrating storyline and consequently sleep evaded him for some time.


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