Old Old Ground

Nicholas Quirke was looking forward to the one day that he would not be working in the coming week on 16 January 2021. It was not however a day of rest as in the Chinese New year apartment refresh Peng had his eyes set on a sofa bed, as in the shift of furniture which happened with disposing of a cupboard the freezer section of the door could not fully open. This required him to tread very familiar and old ground with a trip to Ikea which he had not expected tied to go to again for a while. Things looked different as they too were gearing up for the New year and decorations were already on sale. They tested a few sofas and a fairly swift decision was made. After the purchase they headed to another familiar haunt where there were still some new plant based meat dishes Peng had not tried. They had only visited Jing Ding Xiang the previous week and Nicholas,still on his raw food diet, was not able to eat anything but a quinoa salad. He had gone prepared and taken his own salad with him. The atmosphere was full of energy and he looked forward to returning and being able to partake of some of the dishes. Once they got home he was put to work and carried the plethora of parcels that were waiting at the gate. The chores did not stop there as in preparation for the new sofa the bed had to be dismantled and disposed of. It seemed like a lot of work and energy and he was relieved to finally rest and watch a movie. ’Proxima’ seemed a promising French sci fi film, but turned out to be a feminist study of a woman handling the pressures of motherhood in the space programme. Fascinating subject but not the escapism he had craved. Instead he escaped into the nocturnal world of dreams.


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