A New Year Change

Nicholas Quirke was excited on 11 January 2021 that he was going to be celebrating Chinese New Year which, was exactly a month away in the heart of Beijing amongst a traditional family celebration. The precepts guiding the eventual celebration were already beginning and little like advent there was a countdown accompanied by a variety of tasks, which he had already agreed that he would adhere to as best as he could. He was looking forward to honouring the God of ovens though the cutting of meat would be need a more creative work around. Importantly, starting the New year with a winter clean was imperative and on the agenda for the day was getting rid of one of the wardrobes. This was more physical labour but dismantling the cabinet proved to be less onerous than laying the floor in the gym and completing it, although it was heavy was swift and fun and fun. The remains were put in the hallway with a note for any neighbour to make use of and it surprised how quickly the offer was taken up. He was teaching again and a trip to Chaoyangmen, tea in Taetea at Galaxy Mall was his treat before the rigours of dealing with excitable young children. Yuda had bought in a interesting model which demonstrated the points of acupuncture and the journey the therapy made around the body. But other than another outbreak of anarchy at the end of the 2 hour lesson it was a largely uneventful evening. The trip home included stopping off at a supermarket to get some ginger and he was once again amazed at how cheap these types of comestibles were compared to the UK. There was some debate about what to watch that evening as it was proving difficult to get subtitles for some of the movies on the list and in the end they decided to watch another light and frothy offering though it stars Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman belied the trivial nature of the story. But It was once again easy fare to digest before going to sleep.


  1. What a marvelous helper you were. You are very handy with the cordless Hoover Nick. A very amusing video of your endevours. X

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