All about Eating.

Nicholas Quirke was eating a variety of bing on 18 December 2020 at ‘Grandmothers Family’ restaurant in Joy City mall. The day had been very leisurely and as he had started watching Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ he was happy to relax a bit. He was even spared the effort of making lunch as some free Vegan burgers were going to be tasted. JD, the delivery company had inadvertently sent plant based burgers instead of Su Bao (Vegan Bao) and on being contacted to correct the order, after attempting to charge for both, gave them the 3 packs to keep as Peng said he would return the burgers and they could come and collect it. The effort was clearly too much and the burgers proved too be very tasty. In the afternoon they went to a tea house Nicholas had discovered in a hotel in Xidan where after collecting a cake from Lady M, they comfortably worked and used the free WiFi. Joy City, where the famed cake shop was located, was the first Mall he had been to in March when the weather and Covid ravaged remnants of the Christmas and new Year Celebrations had dismally still been on display. He was amazed and reminded of just how long he had been resident in Beijing as walking through the street, the decorations for Christmas and New Year of 20/21 although under wraps were Being prepared and due to be launched the next day. He sneakily raised his Go pro above the fencing to get a look at what was going to be adorning the pavements for the next few months. Peng was keen to take Nicholas to a bing restaurant and at 5 they walked the short distance to the restaurant on the 8th floor of the Mall. When they arrived the restaurant was empty but by the time they left it was packed and proved to be a testament to the delicious Chinese equivalent of a wrap. He was served free millet congee throughout and enjoyed the character and ambience of the venue and its serving methods. Night had drawn in as they were eating and with it the temperature had dropped significantly. They chose to walk rather than back as they would have to endure the biting air snapping at their cheeks in their faces if they rode. He was very unused to the permanently freezing temperatures he was experiencing and had ordered a new hat as added protection against the cold but was still waiting for it to arrive. Though he was in a lighthearted mood and felt like watching something trivial they ended up watching ‘Anything for Jackson’ a horror film with a witchcraft theme. It had been a day of eating and little else but he was tired when it came to bed and sleep followed swiftly.


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