When there are no Plans.

Nicholas Quirke was delighted to begin the day FaceTime chatting with his son Cole, particularly as he had no plans for 18 December 2020. An uplifting hour long talk over his smoothie breakfast was an energising start and prompted him to make a plan and as he often did in the UK when the signs indicated his ensuing hours would be empty of activity and he was at a lose end he decided to go to the Cinema. The biggest grossing film that week was an unpromising looking comedy/drama ‘Bath Buddy’, preposterously about a seedy massage parlour owner who tricks a wealthy playboy with amnesia into believing he is is brother, but when there are no plans. He booked a seat at the fighting cinema for the 1pm screening and after preparing another lunch of dhal he cycled through the cold, fascinating streets to his favoured Nickelodeon. His expectations were low and he was not prepared to be as enthralled and charmed as he was by the story of learning humility, finding a heart, family and brotherhood. In fact, maybe it was because he had connected with his son and felt a pang of homesickness, he found himself ridiculously tearful by the end. On his walk back home he passed a small temple which had had its gates shut on the world ever since he had been in Beijing and seeing them open he made a beeline for the inviting entrance, only to be halted and repelled before passing through. Once back at home he made use of the gym equipment and apples fitness programme and completed a short rowing session which took his heart rate to an alarming 165 and a Latin dance class. Both were fun but he ached a little once he was through and was relieved to settle on the sofa and relax to yet another movie. They watched the intriguing indie film ‘Black Bear’, which for all its faults he was lured into by the charisma of its young stars. His mind was stil;l puzzling over its content and meaning when he slipped between the sheets and welcomed slumber.


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