Saturday Morning Cinema

Nicholas Quirke was remembering that the last time he had been to the Cinema on a Saturday morning as a paying customer was when he was about 12 years old and regularly went to the ABC’s Saturday morning cinema club, where he had watched cartoons, sang songs and seen a typically glorious Children’s film foundation movie. Therefore, it was with a similar feeling of excitement that he had felt as a juvenile that he was setting of in the with Peng at 9 am to see a new film by Zhang Yimou, ‘One Second’. It was another morning of minus temperature and the chill air tore at his cheeks and ears as he cycled to the ‘fighting’ cinema. Ever since he had seen ‘Yellow Earth’ at the ICA one Thursday morning in the 80s, courtesy of Kate Leys he had admired Zhang Yimou, one of China’s 5th Generation of filmmakers, for his breathtaking cinematography and his subsequent directorial achievements and ‘One Second’ did not disappoint. The premise of a man in 1960’s China searching for a cinema where he can see a government newsreel which, apparently features his daughter, sounded simple fare. But in the hands of this master story teller the plot is woven into a drama of human relations of epic proportions which echo the lush desert landscapes and small town worlds that are the films setting. He spent a wondrous 104 minutes, lost in the world Zhang Yimou had created. Peng had a lunch meeting with some friends at the worlds first and only Michelin 3 star Vegetarian restaurant, ‘Kings Joy’ and left Nicholas to his own devices. He headed home to do some work but after snacking on the cakes left over from his birthday he felt sleepy and watched the ‘Morning Show’ instead. To his delight he was interrupted with an Instagram FaceTime chat with Phoebe and they caught up with what had been going in in each other’s worlds. He was astonished to learn that after 38 years in her home, Rita had sold up and was moving to Worthing. The call was finally terminated once they had played with the effects and facial contortions that instagram provided. By the time Peng was back he had watched the Morning Show season finale and was ready to go out for dinner. They walked to Xidan and ate one of his favourite dishes, Xiang Guo, (yummy wok) at Chuan Cheng Yuan. He felt vey fat by the time he had finished and it was imperative that they walked home. They started to watch the remake of Ronald Dhal’s the witches but the absence of Angelica Huston proved too great and he gave up on it and went to bed


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