In Mao’s Footsteps

Nicholas Quirke was on a mission to buy a hat on 19 November 2020 and was visiting a milliners on Wangfujing Street, Sheng Xi Fu. A time honoured brand which, with its proximity to the residential palace, Zhongnanhai, counted Mao amongst its customers. He had previously tried on a hat there but had dismissed the purchase as it was too expensive. His sister Kate had said she would get it him for his birthday and he planned, once he’d been to the barbers to go there. He went with Peng to the Mobe salon where they usually had a haircut. As it was morning time he wasn’t familiar with staff, who had got used to cutting his disappearing hair and it took a long time to explain what he wanted. So wow he still managed to leave the salon with the impression that his head now looked like a pencil. His thin head would be the basis on which he tried the cap he had his eyes on and with that in mind he cycled off to Wangfujing Street. He paid special attention as he peddled past the presidential home and noted how the autumn colours set off the walls perfectly. Buying the hat was a very swift process, though he could not resist the slight thrill of knowing that Mao had crossed his threshold of the establishment he was in and it gave him time to fit in a tea at Teasure in the APM mall before heading off to the school to take the class he had agreed to be substitute for. He really liked the class of 3 with Harry, Willis and Zoe. They were lovely and engaged and really funny. He met Peng at the station and they travelled home together. He finished his packing for the weekend and as it was an early flight, meaning a 3.45 rising he took to his bed without any film fare to end the day on.


  1. Class of 3 Nick. Sounds perfect! I am sure we will see photos of you wearing said hat in future posts…looking forward to it!

  2. You going the full Kim Philby over there? I’m going to send you some Linda McCartney sausages just to remind you where home is.

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