Losing Time

Nicholas Quirke was reeling from losing a day by 11 November 2020. The week had started well for him on 9 November as he had another script meeting with Lun and their translator Ausslyn. It was another all day meeting and other than being nearly 45 minutes late; he missed his subway stop by 7 stations, it had gone well. He now had the bones of the story and the sequence and they would do some work on their own to flesh out the scenes. The decor had altered since he had been the week before with a surprising Christmas element to the design. He had made sure that he had bought lunch with him as he didn’t want to end up eating deserts again. He had Tofu jam made by Peng’s mother which had been in the fridge for nearly 2 weeks and bing. It tasted a little odd but he persisted. He had a class at 4pm and said goodbye and made his way to the school. The two girls were utterly charming and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was also invited to lunch with his colleague Lily. He had a smoothie for supper and a coconut based yoghurt and after watching a movie he went to bed. It was not for long however as he was awake after just an hour with crippling stomach ache and remained conscious for the rest of the night. By 6.30am on the 10th there was virtually nothing left inside him. He surmised this was the result of the out of date lunch. He spent the entire day in bed and managed to get some unsatisfactory sleep as well as watch episodes of Tehran and finally watching the very entertaining ‘The Morning Show’. Thus his day passed without any food, just hot water and various medications and Chinese remedies administered by his carer. With the day slipping into 11 November he was beginning to feel a little better and ate breakfast of a very plain congeee. Peng’s was going to his parent’s home while they were touring Yunnan province to take some deliveries that had come for them and Nicholas accompanied. He was feeling a lot better, though there were still grumbling from his stomach which was clearly in need of food. He was relieved to get some fresh air and even enjoyed the opportunity to stroll around the neighbourhood and take in the different surroundings. It was a much larger environment and the landscaping was really lovely with lots of greenery and facilities for the residents. He made himself useful and watered the plants, didn’t some work and had lunch there of pumpkin congee which, remained his last meal of the day. Back at the apartment he continued his medication and rest. It was another evening in front of the television watching an Argentinian movie ‘The Heist of The Centuary’, based on the true story of an artist who conceived a robbery and then found the accomplices to assist him. A funny and oddly heartwarming movie. With a sense of recovery in the air he slept soundly.

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