Old Tech Parking

Nicholas Quirke was always happy when faced with a dystopian landscape and his visit to Capital City Steel Park on 24 October 2020 turned into a trip that satisfied that misanthropic element of his soul. The cloudless sky was an unnatural bright blue and the combination of industrial wilderness set against the West Mountains and the autumnal world created an awesome haunting panorama. He was deeply impressed by the Chinese ability to create a Park from anything. Utilising the now disused and mind-boggling constructions, built in 1957 as a steel production site, was a stroke of genius. The defunct furnaces, the chimneys, the towers, the torpedo tank cars, were extraordinary fabrications and it was almost impossible to conceive how these were not the creation of some fantasist and had actually been of practical use. Cultivating the land around with trees, water, grasses of an astonishing variety and hue and the addition of a winter sports park added to the splendour of the magnificently weird architecture. The blast Furnace which, was decommissioned in 2010 having been in operation since 22 May 1959, 50 years of service, was host that day to the launch of a new Chinese SUV car ‘Arcfox’. The walk around park, including a hiatus in Starbucks, lasted over 4 hours even though both were suffering from the late evening spicy hot pot from the previous night. Other than preparing for his class the next morning, their evening held no surprises. A simple supper and an extremely tense and distressing movie ‘Unhinged’ marked the time before bed and sleep.


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