A Short Walk

Nicholas Quirke was focussing again on losing weight on 22 October 2020, even though he felt he was reduced to the size and look of gnome, and with the app on his watch detailing his movements and calorie consumption he was becoming obsessed with digitally monitoring his daily life. Starting his day with domestic chores; dusting, vacuuming and mopping was an excellent way for him to exercise and move ahead in the Apple fitness challenge with Peng. But he first spent some time face to face with Cole who he had not had a proper talk with for some weeks. It seemed a difficult period in the UK, though Cole was managing well; juggling a Night Porter job, a first term of his Masters, online, and the COVID19 measures he was having to deal with. It was always a slightly emotional time speaking with his sons as, beyond financial help, there was little he could do. He had a number of admin tasks relating to his Brighton flat to manage as well as needing to make a decision on a request to use his directing skills for an online charity pantomime. He received another offer of teaching work for Friday and started preparing for that class. In the afternoon he went out but today, as he had learned that cycling took up less calories than walking he decided he wss as going to hoof it to Xidan rather than ride. Along the way he captured familiar sights he usually rushed past. Bits of Hutong s, floral displays, shops and malls. He was destined for a cafe he had discovered in apple maps that was in Xidan. It transpired that it was located on the eighth floor of a hotel and when he reached the glamorous restaurant it was empty. They were happy to serve him, it was comfortable and he sat and got work done. He met Peng in the Apple Store before cycling back home. Unfortunately the seat of the bike kept getting lower as he peddled and by the time they reached the flat he was struggling as his knees were almost level with his shoulders. Uncomfortable and difficult as the journey was, he had managed to exceed his exercise and movement goal and was significantly ahead of Peng in the fitness challenge. The film to finish the day was the tritely named ‘Love and Monsters’ which, turned out to be surprisingly charming and heartwarming. As always, the day was rounded with a sleep.


  1. Hi Nick!!! I am impressed with your fitness journey!! You must feel great! You look great……happy & healthy. Thank you for sharing your walk & photos. Good to see you!

  2. Hi Nick – looking good and another impressed person here! Love that video of your day too, a real sense of the place. I can’t believe how long you’ve been there now. Bestest wishes from Brighton.

  3. You look so happy as a little gnome, you look so well! I’m still laughing trying to picture you on that bike 😂 x

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