Teacher Quirke

Nicholas Quirke was feeling pleased with himself on 18 October 2020. He had risen to the challenge of stepping into a classroom and had met with some success. It was an early start for him as he needed to get across the city to the school. As Peng, who was running in a marathon needed to go in the same direction they travelled together. It was a cool but sunny day and he arrived at the school with plenty of time to prepare and was feeling relaxed and confident. He was shown the room he would be teaching in and he asked for the resources but unfortunately they didn’t know where they were. He called upon his limited skills as a draughtsman to draw the food vocabulary on the board. He had four charges, Oscar, Cindy, Michael and Apple. They were lively and engaged and were involved in the tasks as they progressed through the exercises they were expected to do. The children seemed to enjoy themselves He enjoyed himself and allowed the lesson to overrun slightly as he discovered he needed to set homework. Some of the lesson was videod as the parents wanted to know how they were learning. When the lesson had finished the school head seemed very pleased with how things had worked out and asked if he would be free for the next 12 lessons and if he would be prepared to take a class for more advanced students on a Wednesday. He had to admit that he did not know if he would be available after the next 4 classes as he had to request permission to stay. His feeling was he had acquitted himself well and that it looked as if he had some employment. In high spirits he headed for the grand canal where Peng was running. It was a long way out and took him an hour and more to locate Peng. Nevertheless he had a good walk along the canal bank and enjoyed some bridge architecture and yet more waterway landscape. Peng was exhausted and suffering with cramp by the time he finished but they still managed to find the energy to go and eat. They returned to the restaurant they had gone to when first released from quarantine and though his favoured lotus root burger did not have quite the same perfect taste as when he had originally eaten there it was still a delicious satisfying meal. It was late by the time they got home and needing something mindless to occupy them they watched ‘A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting’. It was utterly vacuous but it suited the mood and prepared him for a deep satisfying sleep.


  1. Brilliant Nick. Well done you. Are you more likely to get your visa renewed because you have gainful employment? Well done to Peng too!

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