Taking a long deep breath

Nicholas Quirke was needing a break when it came to 7 September 2020 and he allowed this to drift into the 8 and 9th of September. The non stop activity of travelling had once again left him feeling drained. And he made sure he was putting his feet up and taking things very, very slowly. He decided that finally, during this long deep breath, he would resolve the technology problems that had been troubling him for months. Now that he was certain all of his work was safe he would reset the IPad Pro to its factory settings and see if that helped. It was a slow process but once he started to add everything back in he was delighted to see that it made a big difference, the most important being that the rogue video which had insisted on multiplying had gone and his storage looked like it was back to normal. Plans for a new exploration of China’s territory were already in full swing and this meant having appropriate food, clothing and accessories was imperative, but on a Monday dealing with technology was already enough focus of attention that he could handle and so the day slipped by with take outs and enjoying a speedy new IPad and watching the touching and heartwarming Summerland, a British film that was seemingly getting a lot of positive reaction in China. For him all other work would have to wait for the next day and that is exactly what his Tuesday was all about. Ironing, finalising paperwork and admin for his new tenants, testing out the new self heating dishes, to come with him on his next trip, for lunch and then heading to Joy City Mall to test out the down jackets he would need for the high altitudes he was going to be experiencing. As always he spotted an item he didn’t really need but loved, particularly as it seemed to give the illusion of slimness, and couldn’t resist purchasing. Peng used his location to arrange for him to pick up a some cakes before heading back for a smoothie supper and a superb Argentinian thriller, Crimes that Bind and thugs another day slipped into another night and another day on Wednesday of work, house and flat rental. The noise from the refurbishment was still amazingly going on and they retreated in the afternoon to his favourite cafe 1920. Nicholas was frustrated by the PDF translation service he was trying to use and ended up paying to utilise a service to adapt an edit the tenancy agreement he had in place. Everything was revolving around arrangements and other make a Sichuan flavoured mushroom soup for supper and watch the the funny and dark Belgian zombie film ‘Yummy’ there was no exploring, no Chinese flavour to his days, it could be anywhere on the planet that he dealt with the tedium of managing life. It was all work work work and sleep.

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