Hot Pot Dining

Nicholas Quirke was needing to recover from his latest escapade on 6 September 2020 and the best way for him to relax was always to see a movie. Unpacking and laundry were tasks that were needed and he found himself agitated by the fact the coffee beans he had bought for Peng were not in his suitcase and he could not imagine what had happened to them. He was definitely fatigued and this fanned the irritation with himself and life in general that the missing gift had ignited. The cinema they were going to was the IMAX at Fun Hill, which meant an hour long trek across subways. When they arrived at the mall Nicholas was looking for snacks he consume but was reminded that there was no eating or drinking in the cinema. Therefore, he was mildly annoyed when he discovered that the cinema had lifted the ban on eating and were selling popcorn and drink at grossly inflated prices. Just like England he thought. His parsimony took over and there was no snacking during the movie. Christopher Nolans latest film was another mindbending action film which was completely engrossing and exciting but left him puzzling over the concept, despite numerous points in the movie where the explanation of what was happening was delivered. Huge and fun but flawed was his surmise. They were eating at a HotPot restaurant in Xidan and the journey back was even longer. The restaurant though was worth the time. He had developed a taste for HotPots, which had never experienced before China and he loved the idea of cooking ones food at the table. The pot had a variety of sections in which water and sauces, a spicy one and a Sichuan pepper one were bought to boiling point and then the range of vegetables, mushrooms and fungus and Tofu could be added cooked and then dipped in a separate sauce which was prepared by ones self to suit taste. A delicious, time consuming and entertaining way to eat. It was a warm evening and they walked back o the apartment discussing the film and trying to penetrate its layers. At home they relaxed further and watched another action film, ’Rogue’ before he needed to sleep.

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