SMall Rats.

Nicholas Quirke was horrified by the thundering and incessant noise of a Drill from 8am on 24 August 2020 and Peng suggested working away from the apartment as it was impossible to concentrate. Appropriately, he thought, like the early soundscapes of John Cage, which he had used for his Video the night before. They made their escape early and headed west to Livat Mall, one of the first he had visited when he had escaped from quarantine. He had been back previously but was surprised again by how busy and thriving it now seemed, all entrances open and the contrast between his first visit and the present was a stark one, he barely recognised it and though familiar with the layout he actually got lost but once he saw the small model rats He was reassured. They camped out for the morning in InWe, Peng working and Nicholas writing his blog. The good thing about InWe was the never ending cup and he managed to squeeze at least 4 mugs out of the Emerald Green tea leaves before it was time to eat. They lunched at a Thai Restaurant and the Red Curry reminded him of home in Brighton and Movie nights with Cole and Harvey. Coming to Livat mall always meant a visit to Ikea and they toured the ‘Market Place’ for some linens before finding another suitable resting place for tea and more work. They had intended to watch a film but Nicholas had been inspired to try and expand his readership by utilising the plugins available to him on wordpress. Perhaps not a good idea as they slogged at it for a few hours to no avail. It was a frustrated, technologically drained man who took to his bed that night.


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