Nicholas Quirke was still nursing his sore limbs and extremities on 8 August 2020 and had agreed with Peng that they would have a more restful day particularly as they would be flying to Chengdu in the afternoon. Losing his sunglasses was painful but he desperately needed something to protect him from the glare and this meant a trip into the centre of Zhangjiajie to find a suitable pair to get him through the week. The shops were interesting and they found the time to hw some snacks and he found a suitable pair of small round glasses that pleased. Only 140 RMB. They had a satisfying lunch and then checked out of the hotel and went to the airport. Having arrived at night they had not seen the amazing view of Tiarnan Mountain and he spent the waiting time trying to get a decent shot of Heaven‘a Gate and preparing his blog. The take of and landing were both smooth and the time in between mercifully short. They were both hungry and once they were checked in they mounted bikes and cycled to a restaurant called Vegan Dog, the next stop was at the Jinjiang Theatre for Sichuan Opera, including the renowned face changing finale, a discipline unique to to the province and Chengdu. First, after some confusion about where to sit and the protocol of the situation, they were treated to a free tea. The ticketing was in itself unusual as they had to book and pay for an area where they wanted to sit, but they could not select a seat. Instead they had to go to the box office on a first come first served basis and were given a ticket anywhere in that price range. The seats were at the far side but near the front so he was quite happy. The performance was quite unique, part opera, circus and an astonishing finale where masks switched from one design to another during a dance performance and the end of the love story. It was a spectacle and he enjoyed the singing, the dance, the puppetry, the acrobatics and all the skills that were displayed. When it was over they cycled to the hotel through crowds and the humid heat. They searched for a suitable Ice lolly to cool down and settled instead for a cold fizzy drink. By the end of the day the aching bones had been soothed and he felt appropriately recovered by the time sleep drifted through his being,


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