Wulingyuan Scenic area

Nicholas Quirke was wrenched from his sleep at 5.45 am on 6 August 2020 by the sounds of a military band. He leaped from his bed and rushed to the. Window to see a white uniformed ensemble leading a funeral cortège with coffin and a seemingly endless parade of cars all flashing their lights. It was an amazing sight but surreal in the early hours of the morning. It was another early start and they were heading back to NBC the Wulingyuan Scenic Area bit this time to Suoxiou Nature reserve, to see the another part of the dramatic landscapes from a different angle . The temperature had soared during the bus ride and they cooled down with a Starbucks iced tea and coffee. Having decided that taking the cable car up TIanzi Mountain and walking down was the sensible thing to do after the climb of the previous day and they made their way by bus to the terminal. The views as they rose through the pillars were almost indescribable. Passing the towering structures on the way to the summit of it seemed inconceivable that 65 million years ago the earths crust has moved in ways that created this forest of stone. Up amongst the clouds there was A somber light drizzle, giving the view an ethereal and mystical atmosphere. It passed and they began the descent through a path which oddly no else seemed to be following. The vista was continually filling them with awe and there were some truly heart stopping moments as they stood on precipices and looked down, across and along this mystic space. There was still climbing involved even though they were descending and he did feel amazed by some of the people he saw who had endeavoured to climb to the peak. A group of elderly women, families and once again the sedan chair carriers. On the way down, after pulling a muscle in his foot and taking a rest he finally parted with his beloved Moscot sunglasses on a rock. Peng returned to the spot for him, but to no avail they had parted company for good. Once they reached the bottom a 10 mile visual gallery, awaited hem, which actually turned out to be Chinese miles of approximately 5km. They made their way to another peak in the Xihai Forest Park area, which was reached by a glass elevator and was another jaw dropping visual treat. They then walked to the ‘First Bridge’, a natural bridge across the summits of 2 pillars formed millions of years previously. There was of course a temple at the top and once they had come down from it they headed back. However, the only way down, other than walking again was by the cable car they came up on. Limbs ached and rest was desperately needed and they ordered a take away rather than dine out. Sleep when it came was deep and fitful.


  1. Sorry to hear you lost your glasses. Those views are spectacular and definitely gave a mystic feel to them, can’t begin to imagine how it must feel to experience that xx

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