West Mountains

Nicholas Quirke felt sufficiently recovered after his day of rest on the 29 June 2020 to venture into the mountains again on 30 June 2020. Though he called it a day of rest he as he had for the most part remained indoors, it had still been an active day, with its zenith spending 1hour and 10 minutes on the Treadmill followed by a 30 minute massage in the chair. He recalled how being in the chair when he arrived in the apartment felt like torture, with every muscle tensed and resistant to the prodding, pressing, pushing and pinching the implement inflicted on him. To him, it was a sign of how far he had come, how relaxed, healthy and happy he was, that the chair now offered a comfortable, even pleasurable time, though were still moments when the mechanics pushed too fiercely into his feet and recalled him to the consciousness of where he was. With that day behind him and a smoothie overflowing with greens to start the new, the day, in its glorious sunshine promised to be another insightful experience. They headed to the West mountains with the intention of climbing 2 peaks. Though it was not an arduous climb, the temperature was soaring and it made or a sweaty and sometimes uncomfortable journey, Yet it was worth the effort as the views of Beijing from the summits, particularly from the interestingly named Rock of Ghost Laughing were quite spectacular.after reading the peak of the first mountain he was a little disappointed by the views of the interior of the mountains but once they traversed to the second peak, on which he was enlightened on an idiosyncrasy that had puzzled him on a number of occasions when seeing Chinese men of varying ages walking backwards by learning the benefits of possessing such an apparently worthless skill. By walking backwards up a hill and changing to forwards helped to relax the muscles as a whole different set were bought into play depending on forward or aft, he felt the benefit after nearly 3 hours of climbing. The exercise also allowed the view, normally behind, to be completely absorbed; it was a practiced he could get used to. It took them 4 hours to complete the trail they had gone on and were more than ready for a late lunch at another Buddhist restaurant in an exclusive ancient park area. The food was delicious, particularly the Chengdu style Jiaozi and once again the eyes were ‘bigger than the belly’ and they had to take home a dish of bamboo shoots and a plate of Bing. the car had to go to the garage for repairs to rear bumper that had been knocked and scratched this was in the west and convenient to drop off but drained by the activity they got a Didi home rather than brave the subway. It was the last day of Peng’s holiday and the day was rounded of by watching the end of the eccentric and ultimately tame Indian horror “Bulbbul’, He had managed to stay awake but once in bed he sank into a deep slumber almost immediately.


  1. With all those beautiful views I wasn’t expecting to see that office chair 😂xxx

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