Jinhai Lake larks

Nicholas Quirke was truly impressed by the location Peng sourced for their day out on 28 June 2020. It had everything he enjoyed. Beautiful scenery, mountains water, defunct post war industrial architecture and Art. Jinhai Lake (Golden River) , the decommissioned Haizi Reservoir, lay to the East of Beijing, was a 27 constructed in the early 1950s and has been turned into a recreational and sightseeing area including mountain hiking and lakeside vacationing. The expansive wall of the dam had the largest mural he had ever seen and was a tribute to Picasso with an image of the man himself and numerous key paintings. It was an impressive start and he looked forward to seeing what lay beyond the wall. Once again they travelled up an escalator and by the time they reached the top wonderful, natural sights that had lain hidden from view were revealed. The lake may have been man made, but the surrounding mountains and islands it had created were really beautiful and added to the natural splendour was the wonderful design and colours of the now decaying edifice. They took a paddle boat round the dam which was surprisingly hard work but fun, then a round boat trip to the two islands, one of which had been turned into a holiday getaway and the other a hiking wilderness. There Still seemed to be a lot of people staying at home due to the recent outbreak so it was a fairly calm and quiet time in the resort. The weather was glorious, though the early morning had covered beijing in a mysterious grey smog, on the water everything sparkled and shimmered in the sun. They encountered no one else as they hiked through the wilderness and up to craggy promontories. Nicholas particularly loved the sight of the red flag fluttering in the wind against the blue sky and could not stop photographing it. As they left he goyt an opportunity to walk on the dam and the subsequently three mural and it was the first timer he had walked on a painting, or that is what he believed, he almost felt himself to be part of it. The journey home included a stop in Pinggu it have the ETC (Electronic Toll Card) reader fitted and a stop at a Mexican Restaurant four supper. He was so tired that once he was showered, reclining comfortably on the sofa, and watching an Indian Horror film he fell asleep.


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