Cave Dwellers

Nicholas Quirke was embarking on another trip to the north on 27 June 2020 and the Yanqing Scenic area, though this time to locate an ancient site of Cave Dwellings. It was an appropriate follow up to his previous days adventure to investigate the early days of man. There was much speculation as to when these caves dated from, but there is no doubt that it was a more sophisticated time with clearly defined living quarters in the rooms, homes carved into the rock. It was a fun and wonderful exploration through the historic chambers and plenty of role playing opportunities through the site. The temperature was high and he took his time on the climbs though they weren’t to onerous and it was wonderfully cool in the caves. There was a small ladder to get I to be of the caves and as he bounded up the steps into the cave, Peng Overheard a family comment on the adventurous spirit of the Lao wai. Once they had were back down the mountain they headed east through the spectacular mountain range to the familiar environs of the Changping area, home of the Ming tombs, to visit the remains of a Ming bridge in The Sea of Flowers under the Seven Arch Bridge on the Sacred Way. They passed the vendors and entered what was literally a gorgeous ocean of yellow and purple and green nestling in the foothills of the mountains. Nicholas was entranced by the colours and scenery. He played with his camera, capturing both time lapse and slow motion images of the flowers and insects. It was a familiar pattern for the evening when they got home and once supper had been devoured, a film was watched and then the call to sleep was obeyed.


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