In Search of Pagoda

Nicholas Quirke was being kept entertained by Peng on 21 June 2020, who had located the Pagoda he’d been trying to find since his Summer Palace visit. It was close to the city and did not involve a long drive. Continuing the saga of technology problems he endured, his new GoPro had started to really be problematic, not turning off, randomly recording, freezing, and he was going to have to return it, which was disappointing as he had really started to enjoy its features, especially the stedicam. It meant he had to use his old camera and was glad that he had ignored Pengs suggestion to throw it away. As they left the apartment and got in the lift to go down Peng told him of a man who had been looking at his phone as he got into the elevator and fell to his death, as there had been a fault and the doors just opened even though the actual compartment had not reached the level. ‘Check there is a floor’ became his new horrified catch phrase. The pagoda was at the top of a mountain, which meant a climb in the ever increasing temperature, at the Baiwangshan Forest Park. It was an area with a fascinating history, and not only was a there a temple and shrines along the route, including statues that had been oddly dressed in robes, but the area had been home to an order of French priests from the 19th Century and a derelict church, compound and the infrastructure survived. The hideaway in Heisshanhu had acted as a place of refuge for Victims of Resistance against Japanese Aggression during the war on the Chinese People. As always the scenery was spectacular even with a smog sitting on horizon. In the mountains, the air felt fresh and especially in the valley very cool. The long climb and walk through the vast park had made them hungry and they drove to a nearby mall to have a late lunch at an Indian restaurant. Enroute home they stopped by Peng‘s parents in the heart of the Fengtai district, (the Main location of the COVID19 outbreak) to collect some food his mother had made for him and some screws to fix the Number plate to his car, which had now arrived. It was Fathers Day and it would not be complete if he didn’t have contact with his sons and he was pleased he managed to get to see and speak with Cole and message Harvey. After a smoothie supper they continued the Jail break adventure before retiring for the night.


  1. Apparently the word Pagoda comes from the Portugese word pagode meaning noise (chanting and drumming etc). Interesting little snippet! Another lovely day out with glorious views and weather.

  2. Is that the only time you smile at your sons, when they point to pictures of you? Joking aside that looks like a beautiful trip and I am horrified by Peng’s anecdote of a lift door malfunction. Never going to be comfortable in tall buildings again.

  3. Not sure about that statue with the robe, but what beautiful scenery. Nice to see you looking so happy on your call to Cole xx

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