Olympic Park

Nicholas Quirke was starting to get really fed up with his technology problems on 18 June 2020. These frustrations, added to the soaring temperatures and the cancellation of his trip to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou , combined to make him irritable and a little uncomfortable. He was trying to download the film he had put together from the Icloud, but it was not giving up its possessions, so the film was now incomplete and he could not send it on, he also discovered, that if he made a film and left it as a project even for 24 hours he could not get the complete version back as the iCloud would not download. The apple store said it was a problem with the Icloud server which was apparently quite common in China. Frustrated, he gave up on the technology and after Ironing, watching the gripping ‘Bombshell’ and some lunch he headed to the Olympic Park which was on the northern outskirts and a good 10 miles on the bike. The exploration of new routes was always fun, but by the time he arrived the heat was overwhelming and he needed a good 30 minutes to recover. It had been on his agenda for a long time to visit the famous, ‘Bird Nest’ Stadium and it felt quite special to be in the vicinity and looking at something with such an iconic status. And at the same time he gazed with some poignancy, as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had now been cancelled due to the threatening presence of COVID19 in the world, a presence, he noted, that had left the Olympic park area virtually desolate. Just an occasional walker, security guards and some roller skating enthusiasts, he found himself again adrift in a vast empty space. There was a huge distance to cover on foot and once he had examined the architecture, (he loved how the low level night lights echoed the bird nest design), the shape of the dragon hotel, the memorials to the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists, which he scoured for the 51 British winners, (technically only 49 as Chris Hoy took home 3 Golds) he discovered had run out of time and good luck with the weather and he actually had to give up exploring the actual park and its wildlife. He managed to get to the subway just as the rain started to fall heavily. It took him 30 minutes to get to his destination, and by the time he exited at Changchunjie it had still not abated. After a few minutes of watching others get lifts and motorbikes with umbrellas he decided to brave it on the bike. Astonishingly he didn’t get as wet as he thought, though the rain continued. The film entertainment choice seemed dire but they started to watch ‘The Lighthouse’ which was in black and white, and though it was intriguing its content was so weird they gave up on it and decided slumber was the best solution.


  1. Loving today’s Sino-Funk accompanying music. Great open space to roller blade in (on my list of things to learn). Must be great to see the Olympic stadium in the flesh

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