Garden EXPO 2019

Nicholas Quirke was in a technological doldrum on Sunday 17 May 2020 having seriously damaged his phone but was fortunate to be able to borrow an android phone from Peng to help him through what he hoped would be a mere hiatus and he had his phone back repaired and fully operational. This meant he was going to have to take his camera with him on their expedition to the foothills of the Lofty mountains, the Nine sides, to visit The International Garden Expo park which at 1243 acres was the largest man made park he had visited and had been the location for the 6 month 2019 event. Its was now a permanent attraction and the featured landscaped gardens designed by gardeners from around China and the world was an immense park. It was was the largest ever gardening show. and apparently two villages were relocated for the exposition. The journey there was through the stunning scenery he had experienced the previous weekend. It had promised a warm day and he dressed accordingly in a tee shirt though once they arrived it was clear he was seriously under dressed in what was now referred to by Peng as his ‘Vegangster’ wear. The wind was cold and the threat of rain was never far away. He survived the chill and the Enjoyed the beauty and the variety of flowers and exhibits on display he was particularly taken with the Dutch walled Time Garden which maze like structure led to an area of rest for those who have reached the winter of their lives and featured a cluster of birches with their stripped white bark, also, of course, the magnificent centre piece, a mountain top Temple with spectacular views of the mountains and waterfalls. There were also featured gardens from the habitats of China’s provinces, giving him a taste of some of the sights he might see when he ventured further into China’s interior. They spent 5 hours exploring every thing from the botanic gardens which boasted a fantastic mirrored film show by Teamlab which led them through the roots of trees ands an exotic tree which reminded him of his body shape to the Derelict Yurts of the Inner Mongolian garden, before the cold got to him and they headed back to Beijing where Peng test drove a Hybrid Honda Elysion while Nicholas enjoyed the luxury of the rear seating. Once this was completed they headed to Tianchumiaoxiang Vegan Restaurant for the supper they should have enjoyed the night before. The tastes were divine, particularly the deep fried lotus root and thgough they did not order a lot they still had food to take home which Nicholas foolishly left in the basket of the bicycle. A parcel from home was waiting for him.courtesy of sister Kate who had sent him 3 packs of toothpaste which was not available in China and 3 packs of dark chocolate caramel wafers for Peng. It was a happy end to another successful mission outside of the city. They watched the end of Midsommer, which was so dark that his own problems with his phone evaporated to nothing , as they ate ice cream and finished the cheesecake he had mad. Feeling bloated from his greed he went happily to bed.


  1. Fantastic views today and very happy faces at the end when opening the parcel from home! xxx

  2. I loved the water falls. Why does China invest in so many beautiful and artistically creative parks? You couldn’t find the equivalent in such close proximity in tbe UK. It is extraordinary.

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