Nicholas Quirke was feeling in high spirits on 16 May 2020 when he set off on a 6 mile Bike ride to a restaurant where he would have supper Peng. He had spent the morning ironing, making a cheesecake and writing and getting out into the warm, 28 degrees, air was a welcome prospect. He believed that he had arrived at the location and hopped off the bike having cycled the distance in 33 minutes. He was however, lost and in the confusion of the moment he tripped and his phone flew out of his hands on a trajectory towards it death. Miraculously Peng found him but there was no dinner, instead to the Apple store to discover it could be repaired but he would be £300 lighter. The distress it caused was not enough to stop him from enjoying the cheese cake he had made or from watching a disturbing horror , ‘Midsommer’ which strangely did cheer him up. It was otherwise a dark day for him and one he would draw a veil over and try to forget.


  1. Nick, well done on finding the stoicism and moving on (one major tech break/expense in 4 months isn’t bad going. Consider it expenses of your ‘job’!). Also pleased the tripping did YOU no harm.I don’t think it applies to you like it does me, but I did a magnificent free course last month on about preventing falling as one gets older!! Thought I’d tackle it before it became an issue… stay well. X

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