Out of Synch

Nicholas Quirke was aware that after his weekend he had got out of sync with his blog and seemed to be two days behind on his posts on 14 May 2020 and as the last couple of days seemed to be relatively uneventful he decided to combine the two into a collage of his misspent relative idleness. Naturally he had not been indolent as his morning on 13 May had included cleaning the apartment, which had suffered from the sandstorm the previous evening leaving windows and cars peppered with dirt, cooking and preparing his blog and video all this took some time and his intended departure time, to head to a tea house in Tai Koo li, from where he would then cycle to meet Peng for their midweek dining out night, was delayed. He could not find the location on his map but knew the rough direction. This obviously was not a good move as 30 minutes into his ride he realised he was lost he tried another app map and followed instructions but it really was now very unfamiliar territory and he knew that the map was taking him out of his way. He tried to contact Peng but got no response so kept following the route he was on after 1.30 hours of cycling and finding himself at a terrifying junction on a very busy freeway he paused and decided to go no further. As he still had no response from his virtual guide he switched the map to start home. Barely had the journey started when his friend messaged. He stopped and sent his location and unbelievably he was literally 2 minutes from Peng’s workplace. He sat on a bench for 15 minutes watching the world go by and was collected and they rode together to the Super Bowl salad rendezvous. This was followed by a stop for sorbet and tea in Tai Koo Li where he was able to discover another new mall ME sponsored it appeared by Mercedes Benz. When they got home there had been a delivery of some fancy vegan cakes, exquisitely made and delicious. The most notable aspect of the day had been getting lost on an bike ride and not much materiel for a fun filled day but maybe a quiet time after his epic weekend was needed and so once again the next day he meandererd thropugh the morning working and watching the end of ‘Night Moves’ an ecological thriller he had been watching on Mubi. Having failed the previous day to find a Teahouse to sit and relax in his plan was to visit a local park and then to drink tea in sun and read. The park was small and simple, a wildlife park but very well tended for, interesting sculptures, some vivid splashes of colour amongst a lush green. He cycled to Beijing Fun which he had visited his first week after quarantine and the change was astonishing. There were no health checks to enter the area, shops and cafes were open and people were sitting drinking and in the open air with no face masks. It felt like normal life again, except that he was thousands of miles from home. He learned how to ask In Mandarin for more hot water for his tea which pleased him and he discovered a couple of ghost signs now he was able to explore more of the streets. He whiled away a couple of hours in the relaxing atmosphere before returning home. Pengs plans to exercise in the evenimng changed and he asked Nicholas to join him on a expedition at 7pm to have a haircut. It was difficult to explain to the stylists how he wanted his haircut and unfortunately a misunderstanding meant his hair got cropped too short to the side of his head and he looked like a pencil. After the cut they walked back home and came across a local street bar which had just reopoened. As it was a warm night they stopped and enjoyed a delicious bowl of noodles and a plate of Endame beans. It was a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, though the Lao Wei’s presence caught the attention of the locals. It was late by the time they returned home and so, as Samuel Pepys would write, to bed.


  1. Really nice red shirt Nick and the hair cut is very distinguished – I saw no likeness to a pencil 😁.

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