Museum Piece

Nicholas Quirke was actually going inside a museum on 4th May 2020, for the first time since he was in Japan in February. Being in a public space reminded him that he longed to be in a theatre and a cinema. He had not felt his world diminished in anyway as a result of the virus, travelling far from his home as he had been, but now with Beijing bursting back to life these activities he took for granted were suddenly greatly desired. 14 weeks since the grip of COVID19 took hold, this kind of entertainment was still prohibited as were swimming and indoor gym facilities, sports etc. He compensated the lack of entertainment of this nature by watching films on the TV and having exhausted himself on the 1st and 2nd of May on the 3rd, apart from a visit to the supermarket, and a face and foot bath Sunday had been spent watching films, of which the Australian zombie treat, ‘Little Monster’, was the most memorable. To ease himself back into the rhythm of his life again and to take into consideration the world weariness that had descended upon him he and Peng went to the Capital Museum. They had booked the previous week and though his Lao Wei presence caused a stir and held him up, he was the first foreigner the attendant had seen there, they got in quite easily. The exhibits were around the development of Beijing from the first Peking man, discovered to be one of the cradle of mankind, to the formation of the new China. It covered ceramics, costume and folklore customs and it was another fascinating insight into the country And city he was temporality living in. They were off on another trip outside of Beijing the next day and needed to collect the car. As they were near a mall and supermarket they went for A light salad supper in a small cafe which certainly had not seen a Lao Wei in there before, then went to get provisions for the next day as they would not be anywhere where there might be a Vegan restaurant. The evening was about preparing for the next day before settling down to watch another movie which held their attention for about 15 minutes. It was an early night for the next big day.


  1. What a huge imposing building the museum is. Some great exhibits. Loving today’s accompanying music

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