Faulty Appliances

Nicholas Quirke was at the mercy of a series of technological issues on 3 April 2020, which didn’t resolve until well into the 4th. It was frustrating not be able to get his story out in time but he did not allow it to affect the plans he had for the day and once home and the photo download, and Faulty connection restored he set to his usual practice. He had planned another busy day and intended to go on a long ride but Friday started with the unexpected early delivery a new fridge which had originally been due at 2pm. Breakfast was delayed as the diminutive delivery man heaved the appliance around and into place. Once installed though it became apparent that there was a fault with the door which needed refitting. Peng had to go to work and arranged for a repair man from Panasonic to come and fix it. he would arrive at 11 so he had to put his intentions on hold and wait for the representative. He did arrives on time and Nicholas was astonished that this was resolved within hours of the delivery. If he were in UK it would be at least week before anyone could come and sort it out. He had lost his impetus for adventure with the delays and spent time preparing food for the evening. It had become apparent to him that he needed some appropriate shirts and had seen some in Muji and Uniqlo so he cycled to Joy City Mall in Xidan but despite the weight loss the shirts were still too small for his frame and he would need to order online. Disappointed he cycled further afield four some refreshment and found himself sitting in the familiar setting of The 1920 Art cafe, exactly 2 months on from his first visit to Beijing at the beginning of February. It was oddly also the day he had met Peng in person, although briefly and behind face masks in a hurried and somewhat paranoid exchange. it was hard to believe that he was now living in his home for the foreseeable future. He ordered an expensive Green tea and was relieved to discover that he remembered well how to drink from the cup that had caused him to scald himself previously. He sat for almost two hours with the continual generous refills. Before heading back to maker supper, and Red Lentil soup with mung beans and ShIitake Mushrooms. They then sat down to watch an engrossing and oddly disturbing film ‘Swallow’ before sleep beckoned


  1. I like the look of all those draws on the fridge. I haven’t seen one like it before. I share Pengs joy on the purchase of a brand new appliance. Sad I know. But it’s the little things ……. 😊

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