No Tea Today

Nicholas Quirke was feeling a little footsore on 2 April 2020 and had decided to take it easy. His morning was very relaxed and included reading more of Mr Therouex’s travels through China and getting to grips with the concept of Tianxia he had been introduced to . All letters and packages were left at the neighbourhood front gate which meant when something had arrived either a a special trip was made to collect them or they were scooped up and carried back on the way home. During quarantine the neighbourhood officers had carried the delivery’s to the front door, since liberation day the privilege they had enjoyed was terminated and they had to fetch and carry the goods themselves. He was notified that some parcels had arrived and he made the trip out to the front gate to collect them. I was a really warm and sunny day and he realised that spending it in doors was a terrible waste of the clement weather and temperature and he decided that he would go for a ride to one of the oldest Teahouses in Beijing. He had passed The Lao SheTeahouse several times on the way to Beijing Fun and he headed off in the glorious sunshine to enjoy the delights of a Chinese tea ceremony. It was apparent as soon as he arrived, that this multi faceted Teahouse, it was also a restaurant and housed a Peking Opera Troupe, was closed. No Tea Ceremony for him. This of course was not a situation he was unfamiliar with and instead he headed the short distance to Quinmen Street Mall , which he had wanted to have a closer look at. The street, South of Tiananmen Square traversed a straight line down to The Temple of Heaven, which could be loomed ethereally in the distance. It was a very commercial and tourist driven area, it’s streets and shop facades redolent of antediluvian China and littered with sculptures depicting equally archaic Chinese people and rituals. He didn’t manage to find anywhere to have tea so once again he found himself at InWe in Beijing Fun having an Emerald green tea. he had an interesting dialogue with a friend from home when touched a nerve when he talked about the theory that COVID-19 is a Bioweapon developed by Chinese scientists and accidentally leaked from a Wuhan lab. Conspiracy theories often riled him; as Harvey could attest when he made the suggestion that 9/11 never happened and unleashed a torrent of abuse, and the implications that a plot to destroy the world with a flu like virus combined with HIV seemed a ludicrous one. Read: ’Why you shouldn’t fall for the COVID-19 ’Bioweapon’ Conspiracy theory‘. It certainly enlivened his mind and gave him a lot to talk, indeed rant about. Back at home he made smoothies for supper and enjoyed a lively debate with the likeminded Peng on the subject before sleeping


  1. Daft conspiracy theories are conjured for those who want to appear as original thinkers, but aren’t clever enough yet & are too lazy to read more than one opinion.
    That’s my…. theory!
    Hunt the tea house is ON

  2. Loved the photos today, I’m not even going to comment on the Teahouse being closed 😂😂xxxx

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