Post and Pastries

Nicholas Quirke was a little disgusted on 29 march 2020 by the amount of food he had consumed the day before. Cake was not normally a part of his diet and he feared all the good he had done, regarding his weight may have been undone in the gluttony he had displayed. It was his clear intention to make sure he showed a little more restraint on his Sunday. His conation had a good start with a health bursting Smoothie and a bike ride to the Post Office. When Peng had said he would accompany him he had felt a little patronised, absolutely sure he could handle the postal service, but once they had arrived and it took 30 minutes even with a Chinese aide to get a card and parcel sent to England, he was more than grateful for the assistance. Peng was keen to visit another bakery to obtain more vegan deserts. Though he wanted too reject the thought of forcing another sweet down his gullet, Nicholas was really glad to have gone as he was charmed by the colours and variety of cakes, pastries and biscuits on offer. It reminded him of the discussion they’d had after the seeing ‘The Platform’ on food. It had given Nicholas a lot to think about. It had demonstrated an interesting insight into the perception the East has towards the West suggesting the complexity of the cuisine found a correlation in the depth and intricacy of the movies certain countries. Chinese, Korean, Spanish and french films were credited by him as having layers of meaning as indeed their food has layers of taste whereas American food and films were dismissed as simple minded and playful, and English Films plain and to the point like the cooking. It was an interesting theory and not one he felt particularly in the mood to argue but he was undoubtably in agreement that When it came to Vegan dining, the science of food, the variety of taste, was in China, infinitely more sophisticated than he was used to back at home. He had taken his Silver cross to be cleaned the previous weekend and whilst it had taken the black off the talisman, and had cost him nothing it had been left discoloured and a little distasteful. They rode a couple of miles to an another silversmiths in a mall. Having ascertained what the cross should look like she asked them to come back in 20 minutes. Peng was hungry as lunch had already passed by and they went in search of some snacks. At a supermarket he found a rice drink and some ‘Smelly Tofu’. Apparently a delicacy is a certain way of cooking Tofu, from Hunan Province where the Tofu is cooked in various spices and smells absolutely disgusting, so horrible that you should not speak to people afterwards as ones breath is so bad. This was mild, but it still smelt like he had walked into a toilet. And yes, it did actually taste delicious, though they’re was an after taste that felt a little rancid. When he then tried the rice drink with little bits of rice floating round in a pasty liquid looking like vomit, he again felt a little queasy but the taste was undoubtably very pleasant. When they collected the cross it had been finished superbly, it looked better than when he had actually collected it from its last cleaning by the original designer. He was very happy to be reunited with it. They decided to return home and have a proper take out lunch. Peng ordered a Spicy and mixed tofu and mushroom soup which was delicious. Once again thoughts of over eating crept into his mind and he was relieved when Peng suggested Gym time. He did a punishing 50 minutes on the treadmill then headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch for them next day and make some hummus and Guacamole. He finessed the letter he had written for his friends client and then made contact with Cole. It was another evening watching a movie and the Irish dark comedy Extra Ordinary was the fare for the evening. It was foolish and fun and exactly what was needed. They consumed the guacamole he had made and he vowed, after the indulgences and cake of the weekend to start the week with a fast.


  1. Your smelly tofu and vomit rice drink made me laugh outload. I feel you pain. 🤢

  2. Enjoy your fast Nick.
    Afterwards, I recommend from the cake world a (Taiwanese but probably can get in mainland China) black pineapple cake made with charcoal pastry…deliciouss!

  3. Hi Nick! I was just checking “WhatsApp “ & see that you are not on it. I wanted to text you. Check it out & see if you can get on it. It is free texting. Anyway, Gene ( my fiancé) & I are hunkered down here in Pennsylvania. Corona has hit NYC hard. The healthcare workers are over stretched & there is a lot of talk about not having enough PPE. My mother is living in in Brooklyn & is hunkered down in her apartment. We are all going out for food only. The stay at home order has now been extended to April 15. I suspect it will be extended again. I hope your family are all doing well through this. Stay safe, my friend. ❤️ Michele

  4. Smelly tofu and rice drink that looks like vomit??? You’re not selling it to me! 😂 xx

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