Winners and losers

Nicholas Quirke was In a confident mode on 27  March 2020 after he had stepped off the scales and discovered he had shed another 2lbs  bringing his total weight loss since he had been back in China at 10lbs. It also meant he had won the weight loss challenge that Peng had initiated and He would not behave top do all the cleaning for the next 2 weeks. But it did mean Peng was going to have to be completely Vegan rather than vegetarian for the next 14 days. No cakes for him anymore. It was another session at the massage hospital and he had another early start. It was a sunny day, but the temperature had dropped dramatically and he was not prepared for how cold his hands were when cycling to the massage hospital. It was another good deep tissue treatment into his leg and spine and once again he felt an immediate benefit. He made the next appointment fo 5 days later as he felt optimistic it was getting better. His accommodation registration form was running out so they went to the police station to get a update to the end of May. in addition, the Chinese government, had announced that any tourist visa would automatically be extended by 2 months without having to go through official channels. This was more good news for Nicholas, as there was no guarantee if he had to leave at the end of May he would be able to get back into the country without having to endure another 14 days quarantine, and at this time it meant a government facility with other people and at his expense. It was highly likely that regulations would change, but at least he didn’t have to worry at this point about another overseas jaunt and hopefully as the country was slowly opening up again would give him the liberty to do some travel around the country which was one of the primary reasons he was here. A trip to the supermarket meant he had some idea of the exotic foods that were on offer and he bought a couple of dragon fruit to try. Peng was still anxious to show him some of the bars and night life and they headed back to Beijing Fun to sample the stylish delights of Starbucks Reserve which had now opened. They walked up the 3 flights experiencing the coffee house, the tea house and the bar. However there was only 1 drink on offer, and neither of them wanted the coffee Mojito and instead they went back to the Inwave Teahouse they had been to before. There was only one other customer in there and as they went through the doors they were immediately informed by the Trader that it had shut at 7pm but she said she would serve them and they could stay there till official closing. When she served the tea she had bought also bought them a complimentary ice cream. It was such a lovely gesture it broke is heart to tell her they were Vegan and couldn’t eat it. The feeling of being welcome in the city was almost immediately wiped out when they left to get a street snack, an eggless crepe called Jianbing he experienced direct racism when a street official shouted at him and Peng. There is panic as Local people now believe the Virus is coming in from overseas. Peng corrected them and said that this was true but 90% of the cases were Chinese nationals returning from overseas and it was only 10% foreigners. The officials apologised and let them get on their way. The food was delicious and warm but it was not enough to protect him from the cold which was now bitter, so it was back home where he suddenly felt exhausted by all the activity of the day and showered and took to his bed.


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