Nicholas Quirke was trapped indoors on the morning of 26 March 2020. It was a gloomy rainy day and the temperature had dropped dramatically. It was the day of his friend David Mounfield’s funeral and he wondered if the aspect would be equaly gloomy in the UK on this inconceivably sad occasion. It was suddenly really hard for him to get any momentum and instead he scoured facebook which was literally awash with beautiful words and memories. Of course the reminiscence that kept haunting him was the occasion when David’s appalling time keeping and adherence to the rehearsal schedule for Moonlight over India and The Bargain led him to fire David from the production in the interest of maintaining the sanity of the the cast who had complained bitterly about Dave. Having taken the draconian action, which was completely against his nature, he then found himself to be vilified by the rest of cast for having disposed of a beloved member of the company. The episode was taken by David’s in his usual affable manner and caused no damage to their friendship as their long term collaborations bore testament to. With lockdown in the UK the funeral was sadly limited to family only and the wide, wide circle of friends would have to celebrate his life from afar and wait for a future memorial. He sincerely hoped that the sun would shine and send a beautiful, bounteous spirit on his way. Nicholas eventually shook off the lethargy, the inertia that overcame him and ventured out to a supermarket to get some all important stock for the fridge, spinach, a red pepper and some bananas. He marvelled at some of the interesting looking vegetables and thought he must research what was on offer and try cooking them. Another parcel of Buddhist books And DVD’s arrived for Peng as part of an elaborate joke his cousin had instigated, through whilst amused he found the waste a little hard to swallow. As he was not getting out on the bike Nichols decided to take to the treadmill before settling down to do some more work and get to grips with more admin relating to cancelled flights. He walked for 6 km as he tried to talk with his sister. before ending up a sweating heap and his leg started to hurt. When he looked at his emails and bank account a couple of refunds were showing up which was a relief, but he was still waiting on confirmation of the flights he was unable to take. It was impossible get answers or get through and he was still trying to get it resolved by the time Peng returned from work. Nicholas went out on a fruitless mission to pick up a parcel that was not there. After supper he was ridiculed for not knowing the mechanics of his wireless headphones. Technology frequently defeated him and he was used to finding his own way around the machines that dominated his day to day existence. Who knew, that if you are listening to music on AirPods and the phone rings you don’t have to get your phone out, you just tap them and the phone answers. For 2 years he had found the inconvenience irritating and he was not ashamed to state that he felt ashamed for his lack of understanding. Ridicule was justified. As he took to his bed it was the time in the UK for funeral proceedings to begin. A prayer, a wish, a thought, a dedication. God speed David. You were a big man, filling a big space in peoples hearts, the world is diminished by your loss.


  1. I LOVED Dave as Charles the wrestler, putting his all into another violent role that he survived. I could NOT find boxing boots to fit – big shoes to fill and some) so it was a barefoot necessity (What a shoelace he was!). It was a beautiful spring day for the tiny funeral and perhaps it was right for Lynn, Eddie and family’s calm and privacy not to have all the thesps around just yet. By Golly, how we will celebrate him and hug her when this lockdown ends. Best to you Nick. (Kay today….)
    Love P x

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