Beijing at Night

Nicholas Quirke was in a fiercely productive mood on 25th March 2020 and by the end of the day not only Did he feel he had achieved a lot but he had earned himself a little money Too. It was also his 4th visit to the massage hospital and Ping-Angli was now as familiar to him now as his home. He cycled the whole way and arrived in time. He was always struggling with officialdom at the hospital regarding information they required about his whereabouts, despite having seen the same staff 3 times in 9 days and Peng had prepared an information sheet to give to the hospital. The moment the unintelligible questions started Nicholas showed them the sheet of paper and they started laughing, he was let straight through to reception. He saw another doctor and the massage was less painful and he felt it actually hit the source of the problem, though his leg tingled it felt like something had really been attacked. He paid for some more sessions but hoped he would not have to use them all anticipating an improvement from here on. Wednesday had been established as his cleaning day and back at the flat he set to dusting, hoovering and mopping the floors, as he did this he practised his Multi tasking skills and prepared food and did the laundry. During this period of somewhat frenzied housekeeping he received a message from his friend Terry in Denver, offering him some work correcting the grammar and writing for a clients PhD application, it was only $50 but it was a start. Once he had received this he sat down and started work on the first paid endeavour since he had hung up his Santa hat in December. Feeling satisfied with his work he set of to meet Peng for some supper at Qmex. He navigated the subway despite a wrong turn but failed at the final hurdle of finding the restaurant and Peng had to rescue him once again. I seemed the google maps didn’t like his location and was actually trying to make him travel from an alternative location! It was the first time he had properly been out at night on a bike and after eating they went to an ice cream parlour where he was able to enjoy another sorbet before they cycled to Beijing Fun, another area of smart nightlife. and then to see some of Beijing’s historical sites lit up at night. The Gateway to Tiananmen Square looked amazingly romantic in the night lights, but unfortunately, due to the virus situation all the bars were shut and instead they had a short walk around then cycled back home. He was pleased to note that although he had done a lot of cycling and movement his leg was not feeling painful. This was a good sign that he might finally be on the mend


  1. Keep at it Nick! It seems like your fortunes are on the turn. And that gives everyone here hope too! Sun is out and gardening like a maniac. Thinking of you – and us all, Lynn & Eddie especially – on Dave’s Day. P xx

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