Nicholas Quirke was weary on 20 March 2020, Despite eating a heartier breakfast than he had done for a while of Smoothie bread and almond butter, seeds and fruit. Yet faced with a simple day in the home he had somehow lost the will to be productive. Once he had corrected the technological issues and got the blog posted he concentrated on getting some calcium tablets for Cole. A simple task but somehow took nearly an hour to get through yet more technology hiccups. The same had happened when he ordered some flowers for his mother for Mother’s day. He then focussed on preparing lunch, broiled the tofu he had marinated and made a salad and as Peng was working from home And he needed to accommodate him too and as a result seemed to have made more than was necessary By the time lunch was finished they both felt stuffed though neither left anything on their plates. An afternoon nap turned into a sleep and at 4 he woke to get himself ready for the event of the day ‘A Haircut’. They cycled to the salon, which was certainly a lot smarter than the establishment he visited in Seoul, though a lot less character. He was given a hair wash and had forgotten how lovely it is to have some else’s fingers massage ones tresses. He gave Peng strict instructions to give to the barber but he was aware as the cut was happening that the young man was going way closer to his scalp than he wanted. The language barrier made him guide up on any attempt to change and he gave himself up to Que Sera! He was quite pleased with the result and was quite pleased when the girl who cut Peng’s hair told him the self hair cut was a very good attempt. This made Nicholas feel good about how he had wielded the scissors. They were both still full from the lunch they had eaten but felt they should have something and made a light smoothie. Peng exercised, Nicholas Made a Pea and Mint soup for the next day. And then they sat down and watched a film. Some serious shopping was going to happen on the Saturday and an early night Beckoned.


  1. I approve the crew cut Nick and think you should do that all over come the summer. Perhaps you over-did it on freedom so needed a day of ease and indulgence.
    Here, I just applied for a shelf-stacking job at Lidl like Lady Muckington-Plopp stooping to drive a bus in the 14-18 war. Feels right though: cover the bills and help prop up the community during this crisis. For that is now what it has become here…
    The biggest laugh will of course that they’re not interested in even meeting me.
    Have fun.x

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