Sequestration: Day 12

Nicholas Quirke was introduced by Peng to Qingtuán on 12 March 2020. A green dumpling , made of Glutinous rice mixed with Chinese Mugwort and filled with sweet black bean paste! Delicious, and served up on a very fancy plate. Word of warning it is very, very sticky. It was quite a slow day for him as there were stilL admin tasks hanging over his head that he really needed to get resolved and he made the morning his time to prepare for phone calls to contact the UK administrations in the afternoon that were impossible to get hold of By other means. He wrote another email to Bulb, who had got back very quickly to him as he had written from an email address not registered on the account. He had sent one online on the web page, one from his registered email address and one from the email address he was now using. the response on the unrecognised account was very quick. It would be interesting to see if the response was a quick on the correct account. He was still waiting! He got the paperwork to sort his insurance out, he set the wheels in motion to have the roof repaired after the severe weather in Brighton had caused damage to the ceiling, He got lunch preparation for a salad underway with braising tofu and he enjoyed recording the proceedings. When the daily delivery came aside from an over order on the bananas, he was thrilled to find that Peng had purchased a table for the bed which would allow him to work on his IPad and not sit at the table, which caused his sciatica to flare. Peng had kindly offered to let him stay after their quarantine was over and providing him with the tools to make his life easier and more comfortable was a generous and unprecedented action that touched him deeply. He made a call to the insurance company and they were refunding him the money, but he was down by £73 pounds due to an error with his SORN. Nothing was straight forward and he did spend a few moments cursing his ineptitude. He did another hour on the treadmill and watched The rest of the live action ‘Lion King’. It did make him realise how restless he was for new stories. This was a tale he knew and though it was formatted in a different and interesting way the impression it left him with was one of boredom. Seeking novelty, knowledge and experience was a guiding principle and he really should know better than to revisit the stories he was a familiar with. Another smoothie for supper, over which the decided to ditch the idea of another fast on Friday. He discovered a blister on his toe which he was going to have to lance. An unpleasant end to his day.


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