Segregation. Day 10

Nicholas Quirke was looking out onto a ‘bright, bright, bright sunshiney day’ on 10 March 2020 when he woke up, and the skies, the view and his energy were all on a high and he yearned to not just be watching the passers by and the traffic but to get out into the city. Peng had set him up with an account to use the Beijing Bikes and he was looking forward to the day he could get around on two wheels. He reminded himself that there were only 5 days to get through before he could be released into the public domain again and in the meantime there were an a lot of things he could occupy his time with so he stopped his pointless street watching and went back to trying to record the minutia of their days, from working, cooking to delivery time. He had an ache in his shoulder and took to the massage chair for 20 minutes and he enjoyed it to much and went for another 20 minutes of the chair, though this could have been a successful attempt to avoid the inevitable organisation of the admin horrors that were mounting up over his flights and insurance. The first thing he saw when he opened up his emails was a message from Bulb saying they were taking his monthly payment. He had sent them a final reading of his gas and electricity on the 13th of January and they shouldn’t be taking any money from him but giving him money he was owed. He did a small dance of fury before settling down to write them a detailed message. He had written to an interesting family in Shenzhen who were offering a place to stay and meals for someone to spend time with their children, doing some home tutoring, teaching English and possibly drama and he was pleased to see they had written back expressing some interest. He produced a lunch of red lentil soup with tofu and the remains of the salad from yesterday. Peng said it was a very tasty meal and worthy of posting on his instagram; good enough that even his mother commented on the quality. He sent some emails to friends from home and learned of the sad demise of a Brighton actress, Kay, he knew and had seen just before he left the country. Delivery time was always a highlight of the day and today was no exception with a pile of food deliveries, more kilner jars, chopping boards and Mi-Band for him which cost a ridiculously low price. He was now getting very hi Tech as a result of spending all this time with Peng and would have to learn what this device could do, which seemed to be everything from paying in shops to measuring heart rate Naturally an hours exercise on the treadmill featured in his day, giving him the chance to see the end of ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’, a film full of charm and style, very touching and a wonderful central performance by the young boy, Roman Griffin Davies. He closed the day with a shower and an early bed time, to learn about and play with his new technology.


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