Prison Practice: Day 9

Nicholas was feeling reflective on 9 March 2020 as Day 9 of quarantine passed. He tried to remember a time in his life when he was 24/7 in the company of another human being for a sustained period of time. There certainly was never a time when he hadn’t moved from the space he occupied for more than 48 hours. He realised that he had never had to endure a long spell in hospital, though he recalled almost 3 days in the Royal Sussex when he first had a gromit applied. It was unnatural and surreal and yet at the same time he had adapted to this way of living with surprising ease. Yes, it was true he had walked into a technologically well equipped home with plenty to occupy him; yes his lifestyle was supported by his host, yes he had formed a friendship with a kindred spirit and yes, laughter, creativity and energy, the driving forces in his life, filled the apartment, which did make it an almost effortless task to adjust to. That said the day had a practical feel to it with Peng, back to work after the weekend, requesting a more organised and time aware routine. Nicholas took charge of Kitchen matters, making sure the grocery list was kept up to date and doing the washing up, after despairing of Peng’s somewhat wasteful attitude towards the precious resource of water. Nicholas thought of his training with Larayne as he surreptitiously adhered to her Kitchen routine and hoped she would be proud of his attempts to save water and still make a good job of washing up. He also became more aware of some of the charming idiosyncrasies of his host and sensed there was something of a shoe fetish occurring. It was another day of attempting to resolve some of his admin issues but the effort was still frustrated and he was going to have to go back to seeking his sisters superior skills. They lunched again on salad and found they were feeling stuffed till they realised that they were filling the new salad bowl, twice the size of the previous bowl they were using. Portion control was needed. His wardrobe had been dwindling as he got rid of shirts and items that were worn and tatty and so he ordered a couple of items from Uniqlo for the absurdly low price of £20. The daily delivery from the Property Manager was always a treat and he was looking forward to the shirts arrival. There was another delivery of kitchen ware including a case for his straws, which had travelled across the contents with him, and some rather attractive Kilner jars from China’s Ikea to house the multitude of new pantry goods he had been encouraging Peng to buy. He was going to have leave a list of recipes for him when he eventually left to continue utilising the Kitchen which his friend had now rearranged. Though this now seemed a remote possibility, so comfortable and home he had made himself and felt. He had his second free Mandarin lesson and learned more about the art of meeting and introducing people. He was particularly pleased that he would be able to talk about his Erzimen, Harvey and Cole and his Pengyoumen. He walked over 4 miles In the world of ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’ which held him spellbound for an hour and he almost wanted to to keep going, but sweat, a pounding heart rate and sore feet made him stop and he would have to see the end of the captivating movie on day 10. A chair massage and bed was calling and he headed for a relatively early night.


  1. Brilliant Nick. I must say, you’re looking well and perky, notwithstanding the house-arrest. Over 2/3 done now so nearly there. I imagine it’s possible, should contact or further travel to covid-19 places happen, you may have to do it again…? There must already be folk who’ve isolated more than once. Plan not to somehow…! XXX

  2. That is an impressive shoe collection, I’m a little jealous. Also I like how your blogs are turning a little Stockholm Syndrome. You have come to accept, even enjoy your fate.

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