No Escape: Day 8

Nicholas Quirke was feeling very confident on 8th March 2020, after fasting for 36 hours and discovering that he was now 6lbs lighter than when he had arrived a week before on 29 February 2020. Forced confinement had led to him to eat properly and exercise and this combination was paying off, He was enjoying a sustained period of energy. Familiar with a fast he was able to take his time before savouring any food, Peng was really feeling the hunger and devoured an apple core as soon as he could. The day was overcast and a smog had descended giving the surroundings an eerie feeling. It was a day full of activity. There was lots of food preparation as Nicholas made a lentil soup for lunch. he enjoyed another session in the massage chair along with an eye steam bath. Peng introduced him to the world of virtual reality, which was something he had only experienced in an art exhibition, and to be playing games in the Unreal world that surrounded him Was like being in a science fiction film. Today they exercised together. Peng Cycling up and down a virtual volcanic mountain and island while Nicholas walked and jogged his way through a dire film called The Informer before making another first rate salad for dinner. All the activity made him tired and having completed day 8 of the Quarentine he was feeling a little tense and there was an underlying feeling that he had completely invaded Peng’s space and then the dreaded feeling of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ started to raise its head and he found himself like a whining schoolboy apologising for and offences he might be causing. Peng of course made him feel a valued and welcome guest and he was able to end the day on a positive note


  1. Congratulations on this culinary & gym health kick, Nick, amid your continued incarceration. I’m making dal in honour of you two, though I won’t be fasting.

  2. The new regime is working wonders…go, Nick, go! Only you would end up in quarantine in a house with exercise equipment and a high-tech massage chair! : ) X

  3. That VR looked like so much fun! I swear that is the slimmest I have ever seen you, well done you xx

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