Confinement: Day 2

Nicholas Quirke was still feeling mildly excited at being confined to the apartment on 2 March 2020. He really was getting to experience the country in crisis and though it was a little frustrating that he was not able to get out and discover the streets of the new area he was in, he completely understood the concern of the authorities. The change in regulations had happened the day before he flew from Seoul as two cases of the Virus had been reported and they were Iranians who had come into Beijing from outside of the Municipal city. Every day they had to report their temperature to the neighbourhood officials who also arranged to bring any Take Away delivery to the door immediately and any normal delivery once a day at 5pm. Shopping was ordered and food for lunch was ordered from a Vegan restaurant which had reopened that day. Filling a day, stuck inside a 3 bedroomed apartment, without succumbing to inertia might seem to be a difficult task but even with a 7 am wake up start it seemed fairly effortless but Peng’s flat was well equipped, particularly the gym. Nicholas had not Envisaged a time in his travels where he would need to use gym equipment and had not packed himself anything that could be remotely worn for a workout and as he was inspired to use the treadmill Peng had to provide suitable clothing. It was not a style choice he was particularly comfortable with but options were limited and shame about his clothes was a pointless endeavour. He couldn’t get out and walk the streets and he could actually do the equivalent in a room. He managed 5.5 Km in an hour as he watched a couple of Episodes of Brooklyn 99. he had actually forgotten the endorphin high one could get after an intensive workout. Negotiating sharing a living space could be complicated but it was made easy by the deepening friendship between the two inmates. Peng had to work from home and they organised space, and tasks, eating and cooking and activities. By the of the day was almost like they had Known each other and lived like this for years. Nicholas made a smoothie for supper, Peng did his workout then the relaxed and watched Jo Jo Rabbit. If the days flowed with ease of this day, they were going to have a good time of it.


  1. Nick, this is gold! You will be jogging 10k next week. I love how positive you both are too.
    What with exercise & the combo of downtime, rest, proper home-cooked food, research & jobhunt, your timing for this is as good as it could be. The vest is a triumph.

  2. Sometimes life needs a pause to meditate and plan for next chapter, this could be that pause. 🙂

  3. I’m getting major Odd Couple vibes from this post. I hope that the medative pause stays jolly and it doesn’t become more like Cabin Fever.

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