Mountain and Mystery

Nicholas Quirke was really quite taken with whole Busan vibe on 19 February 2020. There was a lot to see and do In the vast city and trying to work out what was the best things to see in the same vicinity as he would need to travel quite a distance. He was very keen to get into the mountains and the ideal attraction was to take the Busan Songdo Sky Cruise and see Taejongdae Park. It was an hours bus ride away and was going to take some organisation but he was determined to do it. It was worth the effort he put in. He took a cable car across the bay, though he could not bring himself to pay the extra 5000 won for a crystal ride in the glass bottomed cabin as his nerve had already been tested the day before on the skywalk, and he was treated to some unbelievably amazing sights as the car swayed its way up the mountainside. The sight of the boats moored in the bay was really haunting as was the view of the surrounding mountains in whose foothills Busan’s cityscape nestled and the image of vast fishing net fields gave the scenery an authenticity that the unreality of the view, the romance of it all lacked. The colour of the sky, the water suffused by another day of glorious sunshine, added to the magic of the experience and sights. Once he arrived he set off an a trek to the mountain peak and when he reached the top the sight was breath taking., quite literally as he was able to remove his face mask and greedily breathe in the fresh air. He walked around the mountain and saw so many beautiful and odd sight, the remains of a Japanese look out post, a wooden rope bridge, an open air gymnasium, and even the paths, the flora and fauna felt unreal, like scenes from a film, He loved the world opening up to him in this way. He spent a long time on the mountain and realised that he was running out time to do some of the other days planned activities. He decided to head back to Haeundae and with the aid of Peng worked out where to get to, though unfortunately at that point his data ran out and he was left with no internet access to find out busses and routes. He was very keen to enjoy a tea and see the books at The Library of Mystery Literature, the only one of its kind in the world and with the aid of another kind Korean he met, Brad, managed to get there about an 45 minutes before it closed. He was delighted to see on its shelves Korean translations of Maigret. They had Green tea in the cafe, served by the library’s creator Mrs Choi and they had a long chat about the collection, displays and the events they do. She introduced him to a Korean writer, with over 100 books to his name, who though translated into many languages, English was not one of them. They walked back through the glamorous wealthy area of Marine city and he enjoyed another Curry in a nearby establishment before saying goodbye to his new friend and returning to his hotel. Nicholas enjoyed another customary chat with Peng wrote his blog packed his bags and retired for the night.


  1. Marvellous Nick. Nature trumps most things for me and that last photo through the pines is a beauty. Hurrah too for Maigret and the Mystery Library. Fun is clearly being had on this detour. Done any kimchi yet?

  2. loving my virtual tour Nick – does it look likely you’ll get to teach in China , or will you go elsewhere ?

  3. I had the cable car experience in Busan in a rainy day. As much as I enjoyed the slight foggy view which added some kind mysterious touch to every scene there, I’m stunned by how beautify it looks in a sunny day shown in your photos and video! I’m envious!

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