A Seoul Shearing

Nicholas Quirke was faced with another breakfast on 16 February 2020 even more lavish than the previous day, though he panicked slightly when the chef tried to give him an egg. He also decided not to indulge in the wafer thin seaweed strips that were offered. It’s was very cold and there were also a lot more guests that the previous day. In between breakfast and meeting his friend Patrick, who was going to take him to a barbers and then would have some lunch. He chatted with Peng and started packing in anticipation of moving on the next day. He opened the door of his room and to his astonishment it had snowed and gave the old traditional building the most romantic feel. The snow really excited him and as he walked to meet Patrick he couldn’t help but feel the whole city had been transformed and held a magical feel, particularly as they walked round the alleyways and small streets in search of a barbers. It took a while as Patrick did not want to take him into one of the many old style coiffeurs. In the end patience wearing thin he was allowed into an old grubby emporium where for the equivalent of £4.85 he had a cut, a beard trim and shampoo. Feeling refreshed they’d went for tea and Nicholas enlisted Patrick’s help to sort out the train ticket he was trying to buy . Again, this proved more frustrating than its should have been. In the end he suggested they just go to the rail station and buy the ticket there. He had wanted to treat Patrick to a proper Vegan meal but once they were that far from Insadong they did they looked for somewhere to have lunch near the station. Patrick thought it would be a good Idea to take him to a famous mall where the Pop and movie starts could be seen and they had a truly spectacular Bookstore which Nicholas could not work out how hey stocked the shelves. It was pristine, no dust yet the shelving towered above them. A lovely spot. They had another tea and worked on the next transport prospect. Which, although they managed to book he would not have confirmed till 48 hours had elapsed. Though the difficulties he was experiencing in planning his next moves were frustrating and made him a little irritable, the excitement of what was to come more than compensated the obstructions. Though he now had really had enough to eat his guide wanted him to see the Itaewan area, where they could eat and find a Vegan Restaurant . The atmosphere reminded him of the old Soho, bustling, noisy full of bars, cafes and restaurants and the promise of sex. There was nothing vegan and they ended up in a faux Italian where he had spaghetti Aiol which they served covered in cheese another deja vu. moment. It was quite late by the time Nicholas said goodbye to his friend and felt quite sad that it was possibly the last time he might see him. Once in the room he got back down to floor level, which he was quite enjoying and packed his bags. The now familiar anxiety that change and travel bought him began to flirt with his equanimity but after a talk with Peng his Sense of well being returned and he wrapped himself in the quilt on the floor, enjoying the heat and went to sleep.


  1. More loveliness with snow. I am enjoying reading yr replies Nick, in case you thought not… Just a bit faffy to respond further/ dip in and out.

  2. Looking forward to hearing where you are off to next…..and very pleased you are groomed and dapper for your next destination. Seoul does sound wonderful though.

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