Modern Art

Nicholas Quirke was sidetracked on 15th February 2020 from his original intention by the move to new temporary lodgings. Right next door was the Seoul Museum of Modern art and instead of trekking across the city to play in the faded kitsch of an abandoned amusement park, his cultural hormones got the better of him and he spent the morning enjoying the highlight from South Korea’s most prominent new artists. This was not before he was summoned at 8 to eat a breakfast of broth, a bowl of vegetables, rice and at least 8 accompanying small dishes. It was delicious and extremely satisfying and would, he thought, fuel him for the rest of the day. The exhibition of installations and videos the young prize winning artists was inspiring and challenging. He found himself laughing and moved by some of the work and even participated in a piece by completing a survey about inclusiveness and the meaning of ‘Us which was then added to the work and data. He was further entertained and impressed with a catalogue and entire work on ‘Perfect Family’ A company claiming to be providing loving parents, supportive spouse, coveted lover, trustworthy friends, providing you with a more perfect family than your own family. The gallery itself was almost a work of art with its cavernous empty spaces luring you to explore and discover more. He enjoyed a tea in the gallery and connected himself to the internet to try and sort out train tickets but to his frustration he got nowhere with the website and decided to leave it till Sunday, He also intended to have a haircut but lost the will to get to the subway to get to the area his guide Patrick had suggested and as an alternative took a walk in the park. The views of the mountains and the open spaces created a feeling of peace and content, He loved how the modern and ancient sat so harmoniously together as he looked at the rising peaks he began to see in the details of the mountain side the watercolours and art that one associates with the Japanese. The day had slipped away from him again and after another long chat with Peng decided to go and eat. He found an Indian restaurant and after scouring they menu for the most vegan dishes they produced, was horrified when his Main dish was served garnished with cheese. It was sent back.. At the guest hose he struggled again with the internet, failing to download the photos. he finally gave up and went to sleep , hoping it would be a more comfortable night than his previous night on the floor


  1. More great pix Nick, and the mountain def in the Japanese style.
    I hope you’ll forgive me but you seem to have condensed all your best, funniest and most poetic auto-corrected typos/spellos into this post: I love the day slipping a weary from you and you decimating to leave the website, will now always refer to art by ‘them Japanese’ and hope you look well in your guest hose. I’d normally not mention but they really are accidental corkers. x

  2. Maybe it’s best for you to learn to speak the following phrase in whichever the local language you are traveling in:
    I’m a Vegan!

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