Some farewells

Nicholas Quirke was deeply entrenched in preparing his flat to let it out from decorating to clearing out his overwhelming amount of possessions. He had so many books and DVD’s that were stored in cupboards and he was taking the opportunity to clear out his accumulated clutter. He was loath to part with any Shelf of Shame items though he was ok with divesting himself of some treasured furniture including his beloved Edwardian desk which was a 21st birthday present. He was exhusting himself storing his stuff in attics in garages and going to the dump. It was liberating saying goodbye to his many possessions yet less liberating saying goodbye to friends and family. As well as the exodus of his belongings and a final haircut from Milo, his last few days had been conducting a few farewells before his departure. Nicholas had also fitted in a days work in London with his friend Larayne and they had attended a very Powerful exhibition ‘Forgotten Victims’ at the Wiener Holocaust Library detailing the Nazi Genocide of over 500,000 Roma and Sinti people. She had also given him a yellow jasper crystal for travelling which had already travelled to many places. He was glad to get th opportunity to say goodbye to Terry, Rory and Cathie, who had provided him with some tasty comestibles, and to his mother who threw a small farewell party, Bruce, Steven, Peta, Richard and Eileen. It all felt very surreal; fond farewells and an empty home. With only 1 day before Nicholas’s departure, panic and exhaustion overtook him and he went straight to sleep.


  1. Safe travels, Nick!!!! I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure! So excited for you !🎉💕

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