Continue the Preparations

Nicholas Quirke was unraveling a typical mess that he had made in his scheduling on 7th January 2020. He was expecting delivery of a cooker at some point in the morning and at 10am he was also expecting to conduct a viewing of his flat, attend a pharmacy appointment for his inoculations and meet a friend. He felt quite pained to see that he had made a familiar blunder as it took some skillful rearranging and fortune to solve. He enlisted Cole’s support to come and wait for the delivery, managed to shift the prospective tenant to an earlier time and his friend to later. It transpired that it was an unnecessary concern as the delivery men turned up at 8.45. Nicholas’s admin faux pas was resolved by the efficiency of Curry’s ‘Know How’ team who really went above and beyond in sorting out his cooker problem. As they left, a potential tenant appeared to view his increasingly empty home and he had a positive vibe from them. This still meant he had to face the horror of inoculations. As Nicholas sat in the waiting room of the pharmacy the image of large needles penetrating his skin, served to put him on edge and his conversation with the technician was slightly hysterical as he described his upcoming adventures. With some clever combinations of vaccines he only needed 2 injections which surprisingly did not hurt, though post the experience he did feel like he had been punched in the upper arm. Felling high spirited now that the ordeal was behind him he was able to meet and say a goodbye to his friend Zak who could not refrain from taking a final photograph. The remainder of the day was spent packing and decorating and and emptying his flat. The preparations for his long absence paid off as he had an offer on the flat and could finally start to rest easily as he would have some income while he was away. An episode of Dr Who sent him to sleep.,


  1. Phew !!! I’m exhausted already, and I’m not even going!!!!!!!….your getting there Nick x

  2. I hope that your to do list has become really short now Nick. Soon all these preparations will be a distant memory and the adventure will begin. I am very excited for you and look forward to your updates. Are you going to wear some anti thrombosis stockings on the flight bearing in mind the swelling you developed on arrival in Australia. X

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