Down at the Dead Sea

Down at the Dead Sea. Nicholas Quirke was facing a day of relaxation. Despite the early start, there was only one thing on the agenda and that was a day at the beach. The lure of the Dead Sea was not only its significant healthy mineral properties but that it was 430 meters below sea level and boasted gravity defying viscosity. They joined the coach party at the David Citadel hotel and Nicholas immediately made friends with Emmanuel and Monica from Canada. Two of the girls, Belgians, from the day before were also on the coach. When they reached the Dead Sea resort only Nicholas and Cole were getting off and they said goodbye to everyone, rejoining the coach when it returned at 4 pm. The temperature was warm and pleasant and the beach empty. They got a prime spot and immediately took to the water. The sensation of being in the water was almost impossible to describe. Not only was it thick and dense with minerals and salt which was visible to the eye in water, but once your feet left the shore your limbs and body were compelled to float. It was impossible to submerge your head, and in fact is an ill advised thing to do anyway as the salt in the water was so strong it stung the eyes and you couldn’t see: a situation that arose for both Nicholas and Cole who had to lead each other out of the sea to the shower. They had lots of fun which stepped up when they discovered they were encouraged to slather themselves with mud, bake themselves in the sun and then wash it off in the sea. This provided them with many photo and video opportunities. It felt really good to Relax in the sun, Read and listen to some music before repeating the routine. His skin felt extremely firm and smooth after this pampering. They enjoyed another lunch of yet more Falafels before breaking free from the resort and going for a walk along the desert cliffs. This was curtailed when Cole sank into a mud bog . Nicholas had one more swim, float and their father and Son Spa Day came to a close when they met up with the tour they had left to get back to Jerusalem. It had been their intention to walk the ramparts after supper but annoyingly these were closed so after a short walk and witnessing a congregation flocking to Shabbat at the Wailing Wall they returned home to watch a film, which was interrupted by the sound of the couple next door enjoying some vigorous and noisy sex. Time for bed once the noise died down.

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