London Business

Nicholas Quirke was felling as energised at 1 am as he had at 7 am when he had woken on the day of 4th March 2019. He had chatted on social network the night before with his friend Simon in Leeds which had helped clear his mind and with this new found clarity he began his day with some housekeeping and mopped the floors. He spoke with Dee and with Jaz and then set off to meet Cole. There had been a misunderstanding regarding a carpet so he had to clear up the confusion with Cole and Eileen. Then an early Lunch in the wonderful Loving Hut with his offspring. He had a full evening in London ahead of him which required an early start. It was a very easy drive and he had been able to find a very convenient parking space. He met Peta, who had invited him to the Private View of a major exhibition celebrating the work of Martin Parr outside the Portrait Gallery and they enjoyed a swift drink at the Lime Tree before immersing themselves in the colorful and bold work of Martin Parr. Nicholas was delighted by the camp, quirky work of this photographer whose self portraits in photo booths around the world echoed his own interest in exploring the presentation of self. The exhibition created a portrait of humanity which was dazzling and fun, capturing a spirit of optimism in its irony. He was delighted to bump into Cole’s tutor Ewa and was dissapointed that he had to leave to get to the Theatre. He arrived in time to take his seat for Admissions at Trafalgar Studios, an extremely provocative, funny play about Racism, political correctness and hypocrisy. He was delighted that not only was his old friend, Alex Kingston in it but it featured Margot Leicester whose light touch as an actress never failed to astonish and please him. After the show he ventured backstage to see Alex and was horrified to find a collection of crazes waiting outside the stage door to greet her. He was given access and was able to have a brief and heartfelt reunion before she faced the throng of fans. He discovered that Kate was meeting her flate mates from 30 years ago in Waterloo and as it was on his route home he joined them. Another fun fueled reunion. It did mean that he didn’t set off for home till after 11 pm and he was not going to get back to Brighton in time to go to the staff party for Phileas Foggs world of Adventure. But it was still with a happy and heart that Nicholas got home and retired to bed.

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