A Helping Hand

Nicholas Quirke was focused on relaxing and enjoying his last full day in Essaouira. This meant getting out the sketch book and sitting on the roof terrace in an attempt to render the skyline in pencil. It was not an easy task and he discovered his sense of perspective defeated him and when Kamal, who had kindly offered to go out to the Brigade to collect the Police report arrived with with Holly and the document, it seemed the perfect time to give up and go to get lunch. He asked Kamal where the post office was and they agreed to show him. Along the way he saw Hassam from the Vegan Restaurant he had frequented who treated him like his long lost Father. He had planned to eat there and after purchasing stamps and posting his postcards he returned and was treated royally. Holly and Kamalj joined him, they laughed about writing a series of children’s books ‘Holly Helps’, and ‘Kamal saves the Day’. When he left and said goodbye and paid he was given a wrist band and Hassam said goodbye as if he was parting forever from his father, Nicholas thought he might never escape from the embrace. More shopping, tea and capturing the final images of the beautiful, haunting city. As they prepared for their departure the next day there was a knock at the door. it was Kamal and Holly, bearing gifts of Fennel seed for Nicholas. How generous and kind. They stayed a while and Nicholas learned more about Holly’s skills and shown pictures of Kamal’s amazing mountain homeland but again he was tired and once they had left he retired to finish packing for the flight the next day. 

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