Beach View Take 2

Nicholas Quirke was not going to give up on the amazing views he had lost from the organised hike the day before and decided he would head out early and capture some of the key sights. Eileen lent him her bike and he headed north, out through the Medina and on towards the shore and the sewer works. As he cycled, he thought about his odyssey and once again felt excited to be on a journey and visiting his fifth continent in the space of the year. Being in Africa reminded him that he had been in New York and seeing ‘The Book of Mormon’. Nicholas was genuinely thrilled to be on a bike heading off into the remote but known landscape, recapturing the images that had prompted him into indiscriminate use of his camera. It was sunny, the beach was deserted and he felt a sense of joy to once again having no immediate commitments and he could live completely in the moment.  As he cycled back the seat got lower and lower. till he felt like he was riding a kids bike. A group of street children found this most amusing as the chased him down the street jeering and crying out “Monsieur, Monsieur!” Shades of Sebastian and ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ again. He was back in the Medina in time for lunch and met Eileen. Richard and Jamie for a bite to eat in a lovely rooftop bar Taros.  Nicholas was surprised as he bought a  fridge magnet and a postcard that the shop keeper gave him no change from the 20 Dhiran. He questioned the cost of the postcard but the merchant was unrelenting and said that it was 10 Dhiran! Nicholas was affronted by this daylight robbery but realised that it was the equivalent of a £1 and though he let go of the money he could not let go of the offense.  He was ready to picket the store and stop people shopping there, Richard and Eileen did not think this was a good idea. Nicholas was in his element in the kitchen, cooking a Chick Pea and lentil stew for everyone’s supper before they headed off to the ultra cool Mega Loft for a smoothie and some laid back live music. The evening was rounded off with more chat and laughs and Jamie sharing his happiness with being in Morocco, a feeling Nicholas definitely shared.

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