No Time for Stillness

Nicholas Quirke was not being still. Constantly busy and restless he was not only rushing around for rehearsals, and celebrating and Cinema and theatre going but the lack of stillness was now manifesting itself in the form of  a St Vitus Dance evidenced through his twitching limbs. He spent his early mornings on social Media marketing  Showshoppers ‘The Nightingale’ and the art work, talking with friends across the globe, as well as promoting Shelf of Shame and his Quirke: A  Day in the Year of a Nobody Podcast; for which he also recorded the next few episodes. He was applying for some acting work, signing up to other agencies and was hankering after one particularly splendid opportunity. Learning lines, rehearsing, sorting out a variety of issues related to the production were also consuming time and then driving to Chichester to see ‘The Nightingale’s’ He was not even still in the theatre fidgeting in his seat and even moving to another in the interval. He found to be a well written, well performed yet ultimately sad play. Nicholas discovered in the interval that it was the premiere of the Mortal Engines movie, for which he had lent his image for the image of the deity Nicholas Quirke. Coins minted with his name and face on were the currency in the film. He wondered where his invite to the premiere had gone. At home he finally finished his re-reading of The Magus and hoped to experience a relaxed sleep, though when he woke in the morning to another full day the pillows and sheets told him he had been far from still in his slumber.

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