1 Year Celebration

Nicholas Quirke was celebrating 1 year of his blog on 18th November 2018. He was amazed, that his site, established to record his odyssey across the world in December 2017 was still in force, despite his travels now being a thing of the past. He was thrilled that he had that daily record of his trip through America, Australia, New Zealand, China and India and that it seemed as real to him now as when he was experiencing them. He was also excited that he had finally answered his own questions about where the odyssey was leading him and he was certain now that his purpose was to continue to be on the Odyssey; to continue his travels and to write, broadcast, photograph and record the journey through life and hopefully overseas. There were hurdles he needed to overcome and right now that meant ‘money’. his pot was coming to end and he a really needed to find some form of income that not only supported him but gave him the opportunity to once more take to the road. He had never felt as liberated and alive as when he traversed the continents looking for answers. The projects he had on the go were not going to bring him big money but they were steps on the way to reaching his new goal. Nicholas’s podcast, his journals from the 80’s, a strange echo of his current blog, his immersion into the world of Instagram with his ‘Shelf of Shame’ page, Showshoppers, for whom he was directing and acting in The Nightingale, were all providing him with the creative release he required, was maintaining contact and friendships with friends overseas, from China to Denver, Sydney and Melbourne and even in the Philippines, he was seeing another side of life through his care work and also enjoying experiencing some alternative lifestyles through his clients eyes and through his Men’s Therapy Group as well as seeing friends and family, film and theatre to provide him with the culture he needed to sustain himself. He required money to maintain this and his thoughts as ever turned to the how of money making which continually eluded him. Nicholas finished his day looking back to the start of his blog and was pleased to see that his friends Sonia, Zac Phoebe and Kiera  with whom he had spent 18th November 2017 were still very much a part of his life. It was a reassuring, positive outlook and an outlook he was happy to go to sleep on


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