Ncholas Quirke was still digesting the discovery’s, the truths that had been penetrated at his Men’s therapy group the night before, when he woke at 6 on the morning of 28th September. The sunshine that greeted him as he woke, his mornings work and his trip to the Duke of York’s Cinema, to see The Little Stranger, an intriguing ghost story, had left him feeling positive and when he arrived at the meeting had expected to deliver a more cheerful aspect than he had at the 2 previous gatherings. When the group leader asked them to think about what they wanted to present as a Male, and what role their fathers or Male role models played on forming their ideas of masculinity, maleness, his spirits immediately sank. He hadn’t expected to dive into himself quite so deeply, dwell on his fathers early demise, the lack of an identifiable role model from the age of 17 and his friends deeply personal and painful stories of their relationships with their fathers and experience of fatherhood left him moved and troubled but also inspired. These feelings  definitely coloured his Breakfast in The Green Kitchen with Cole whom he probed for any evidence of failures, of damage and misgivings regarding his own parenting efforts and as Cole could not or did not want to uncover any trauma, any mental wounds or scabs that had been left by his upbringing he decided to leave that alone. It interested him though that he was a Role Model for his boys and he would continue to try and do the best he could for and by his sons and if there was any rage to be unleashed it would come later and would deal with it then. Despite it being Penny Parker’s birthday they still met and produced the latest episode of QUIRKE;  https://wordpress.com/post/nicholasquirkewas.com/3150.  He then drove straight to Chichester to the theatre. He was enjoying telling everyone that he was in Chichester for ‘Cock’  the startling title of the play he was seeing that evening. It was a really tremendous play, a wonderfully written script that tackled gender issues and identity with humour, integrity and power. 4 truly compelling performances . Bernie and Campbell were at the theatre too and it was nice for Nicholas to have company on the drive home for once.


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